Gary the Gnome offering a weather report at 9:30 pm. So far Acton has had about 4 inches of snow tonight.

One of the highlights of our London trip was getting to walk among the stones at Stonehenge. Here’s a photo of @Kim getting her zen on.

First day of London, a little tired but a success.

We have a lot of critters running around our land. @Kim planted strawberries a while back. We've never seen one. I saw one today and shot a photo to Kim. It didn't last long.

Seen on Twitter. One of the best things I’ve seen all week.

Mom’s 75th birthday today. It was Kimball’s and ice cream, the same way that I want to spend my 75th when it comes. (Photo by @Kim)

Family outing today. Road trip up to Meredith, NH. Beautiful day.

Off to New Jersey and then to Pittsburgh. It’s the 3rd week in a row that I am traveling, and even though I don’t travel a lot (despite this past little stretch), I’m ready for a little break. Missing @Kim and the boy already.

Kim, Edmund and I took a road trip on Sunday up to Hanover, NH. I saw this historical marker and was compelled to grab a picture of the boy.

Note Rodeo

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