It’s probably pretty silly, but I am unreasonably excited for my all weather floor mats. They arrive next week.

Gary the Gnome offering a weather report at 9:30 pm. So far Acton has had about 4 inches of snow tonight.

Definitely not stable. Clearly not a genius.

We got Edmund’s MCAS results today. I know in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t mean all that much, but he did awesome and I’ve been beaming with pride all day.

I find this type of exploration fascinating in so many ways – so much here – urban planning, pattern recognition, economics, etc. I especially love the story of a Nobel Laureate offering his email address and a graduate school recommendation as gratitude for “something cold and orange and alcoholic.”

Woman on the train next to me this morning was crafting a needlepoint that read “Let that shit go!”

Have changed my default search engine on all of my devices to DuckDuckGo. Interested to try it out. Their commitment to user privacy is really appealing to me.

433 days until Election Day. It can’t come soon enough.

Happy that it is Friday. Looking forward to the weekend.

One of the highlights of our London trip was getting to walk among the stones at Stonehenge. Here’s a photo of @Kim getting her zen on.

First day of London, a little tired but a success.

We have a lot of critters running around our land. @Kim planted strawberries a while back. We've never seen one. I saw one today and shot a photo to Kim. It didn't last long.

Seen on Twitter. One of the best things I’ve seen all week.

Quick note from the admin (i.e. me). We had our first spam user (adult content) from another mastodon instance try to follow two of us here. I've blocked them from the site. If you see something like this in the future before I catch it, let me know and I will block them as well.

Mom’s 75th birthday today. It was Kimball’s and ice cream, the same way that I want to spend my 75th when it comes. (Photo by @Kim)

next week will be my one year anniversary at fidelity. i feel very lucky to have landed there. it's been a wonderful move for me. one of the aspects of the fidelity culture is that a lot of people work from home. i've been taking advantage of this more frequently on fridays this summer and i absolutely love it.

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